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Doğa Enerji Esenyurt Power Plant was designed and built to meet strict environmental guidelines of the Turkish Government, European Standards and the World Bank. As part of the company’s philosophy, top priority is given to building and operating the plant with minimal impact on the quality of air, water and the land surrounding the plant. Prior to construction, independent consultants and environmental experts from İstanbul Technical University conducted extensive research and prepared an environmental impact report according to Turkish law. This report was approved by the Ministry of Environment.

Doğa Enerji Esenyurt Power Plant is an environmentally friendly power station with its clean natural gas, Dry Low Nox reducing technology and high efficiency. This combination means that there is little greenhouse effect on the earth’s atmosphere, especially compared to coal-fired plants which have double the amount of carbon dioxide per kWh.

The cooling water of the plant is treated at the treatment plant located within the plant site and re-cycled in such a manner so as not to disturb the environment.

Finally, strict noise abatement measures have been incorporated into the plant’s design.

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